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I'm No Expert

Welcome to I'm No Expert, the podcast about everything and nothing. 

Dec 19, 2018

Process. Journey. Failure. Open pit cooking?

Stay with us on this one.

In this highly-anticipated follow up to the Art vs Craft episode, Jason and Ben go rabbit-holing on Craft, which is "art that is meant to be used." Or is it?

Grab those knitting needles and settle in.

Maker Minute: Ryan...

Nov 14, 2018

It's coming. Will you survive?

Jason and Ben confront the sobering reality that is the impending Apocalypse and the unlikelihood of survival due to a myriad of factors, not least of which being Ben's myopia and Jason's urban setting. Cities will fall first...

Join them and evaluate your own level of preparedness.


Oct 24, 2018

The Lumen Wars drag on, with 20K lumen flashlights eligible for 3-day shipping on Amazon Prime and the maker of a 90K lumen flashlight admitting "This device isn't very practical for most uses because it just blinds you if you're shining it at anything closer than about 100 feet."

Charge your batteries and walk with us...

Oct 10, 2018

Much has been made of the impact new tariffs are having on big industry and our country's economy. In some respect it's a "wait and see" scenario – we don't know how things may shake out over the next few years. But for a small business like Prometheus Lights the tariffs have had an immediate impact. Jason weighs in,...

Sep 26, 2018

Embrace your imperfect self! Jason and Ben break down Wabi Sabi, the traditional Japanese aesthetic based on the acceptance of imperfection and transience. Guarantee you start to see it everywhere...

Maker Minute: Serge Panchenko