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I'm No Expert

Welcome to I'm No Expert, the podcast about everything and nothing. 

Jan 30, 2019

From the good ole days of smoking sections and free meals to the modern day cattle cars with wings – this one's got it all. But we'll have to charge extra for most of it.

Tips to minimize travel stress, must-have travel carries, plus a billion dollar flight-related app idea that one lucky listener will surely rush off...

Jan 23, 2019

If you are, are going to be, never will be, or might be (you know who you are) a parent, this is the Last Parenting Podcast Episode You'll Ever Need.

An optimist and a pessimist distill their combined decade+ experiences as parents into a de facto guidebook for the modern mom & dad.

Also, Nature Wins.

Also, stop judging...

Jan 9, 2019

Also called stress tests, torture tests have provided EDC enthusiasts (and makers) thousands of hours of fun (and just as many tears) dropping, smashing, and submerging all in the name of science. And cred. And YouTube views.

In this episode Jason and Ben explore the many ways a person can torture test a product, and...