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I'm No Expert

Welcome to I'm No Expert, the podcast about everything and nothing. 

Nov 29, 2017

In which Jason and Ben discuss the difference between art and craft, the cardinal sin that is "shelf queening" a maker's product, and the art concept so brilliant a toddler can do it. 

Also discussed:

Laura Morelli's Ted-Ed on difference between art and craft

Nick Offerman's Woodshop

Maker Minute: Frank Buchwald's...

Nov 22, 2017

In which Jason and Ben wax philosophical on taking care of our stuff, orange Volvos named Gertrude, and the book that started it all.

Maker Minute: R.M....

Nov 15, 2017

In which Jason and Ben discuss personality inventories, strategic renewals, and why sometimes you need a little less balance in your life. 

References made in this episode:


Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance

Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule

Maker Minute: Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested...

Nov 8, 2017

In which Jason and Ben talk about the recent Equifax hack and Jason shares stories of some of the crazier scams perpetrated on Prometheus Lights. 

Nov 1, 2017

In which Jason and Ben question our society's reluctance to #maketheswitch from disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries.